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We understand that your child is more than a score on a standardized test. Your child deserves the type of instruction that only an expert, professional tutor can offer. Private tutoring is Chyten’s premier service, featuring master’s degree tutors and strategies proven to dramatically raise test scores. In addition to private tutoring, our small group classes are taught by professional master’s degree instructors and feature the same advanced test-taking strategies taught by our tutors.

Whether private tutoring or small group classes, Chyten teaches students a combination of skill and strategy-based solutions to all types of SAT questions. Chyten’s Stamford SAT/PSAT Preparation Program features our proprietary test preparation strategies resulting in an average increase of 274 points from PSAT to SAT. Chyten has helped nearly 20,000 students successfully prepare for the SAT and other standardized tests. Chyten’s instructors are professional educators and spend between 35-50 hours becoming certified in our unique methodologies before ever working with students on test preparation. In addition, Chyten has developed all its own test-taking and learning strategies drawn from its 20-plus years of experience in the field.
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Barbara Levine
Barbara D. Levine, M.S.
Owner & Director
Chyten Darien

Dear Parents,

I’m Barbara Levine, the owner and director of Chyten Educational Services. Chyten provides expert level tutoring and instruction for SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT and other standardized tests at all grade levels. In this ultra-competitive academic climate, Chyten’s tutors, all of whom have a minimum of a Master’s degree, can make all the difference. Chyten’s proprietary teaching methods will dramatically increase your child’s confidence, understanding and results on the SAT, ACT or other standardized tests.  

Barbara Levine

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